Top 10 Things To Be On The Lookout For In 2021

Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist of Windermere Real Estate give us an insight into 2021 economy and what to be on the look out for.


Here are his 10 predictions:

#1 – Economic growth will pick up but not until the summer

#2 – The move to suburbs is real but it’s not as dramatic of a shift as you think

#3 – Not all apartment markets are created equal

#4 – The luxury housing market will continue performing very well

#5 – Cities will finally start paying attention to zoning

#6 – Adaptive reuse will gain more traction

#7 – Home preferences are changing in a post COVID-19 world

#8 – Worries of forbearance are overblown

#9 – Mortgage rates will rise but not to worry!

#10 – US Home sales will rise significantly although price growth will moderate as more homes are expected to come on the market


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