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If you are relocating to Seattle and the Eastside, Congratulations on relocating to one of the best places on Earth!  I look forward to helping you on your relocation journey.

I will make your transition as seamless as possible through my ...

relocation services:

Based on your work location, goals, wants, needs, and financial picture, I will provide you with information, videos, and research on areas and neighborhoods that may be a good fit.

Once you have a few areas on your short list, I will provide you with additional information and resources so you can make yourself at home - Shopping, restaurants, upcoming developments, and more.

If you have not yet made your move, I will be your boots on the ground and will efficiently use any available time you have here. Between visits, I will utilize photography and videos to showcase properties. 

The King County real estate market is much different than other markets across the country. I will provide you with my research and trends so you can make informed decisions. 

Things can move fast here, so strong communication is a must and you may need to act quickly. Based on our communication plan, I will be in touch immediately with timely opportunities. 

Transactions are challenging enough when you have local knowledge. I step up the communication when working with folks from out-of-the-area. I want to make sure you feel in control despite your big change ahead! 

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Relocation FAQ:

What if I can’t find somewhere to buy?

I have many connections that provide short-term housing. Sometimes getting to know the area is key for finding the perfect corner of the Sound for you.

I don’t know anything about the local schools?

I can provide you with resources in which to check out the local schools. Schools are just the start! I also have resources for everything from recreation to finding a dentist.

Does it really rain a lot there?

I get this question all the time! We are known as the Evergreen State which means we do get our fair share (about 37.5 inches per year) but other major US cities get more and in fact, essentially the entire East Coast gets more rain than we do each year. But we have more cloudy days which is really why we have a reputation for rain.

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